Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

You want your laminate floor to look the part when it comes to beauty, attractiveness and cleanliness, and you want to know how to clean laminate floors. In that case, you need to know just how you can make that happen with less disappointment. At this point, you need to choose a good, popular and most effective cleaning product to ensure the success of your beautification efforts. That kind of product can only be LamanatorPlus, a credible product for cleaning and restoration of laminate, hardwood, cork, vinyl and bamboo floors.

This product is no ordinary product. LamanatorPlus will get your floor looking new and shinning like never before, sometimes more so than a new one. It will hide scratches and any scuffs that make floors look ugly, leaving your floor with a shinny beautiful look that will get your house talked about in parties and neighborhoods.

Working with or using this product is as easy as easy can be. In fact, kids in many neighborhoods have found a hobby in cleaning their home floors with LamanatorPlus. That puts to light one good and indisputable fact: that cleaning with this product is not rocket science. It’s as simple as A B C.

The Technology Behind LamanatorPlus


To get started, you sweep your floor to get rid of any dirt and dust particles. Alternatively, you can choose to use a vacuum cleaner. A Fresh Start cleaner is the first coating you spray on the floor and then mop it up with a scrub. Then you rinse with some water and wait out for the floor to dry. It shouldn’t be long. The Restorer coating goes next. Spray a thin coating as you spread it evenly across your floor. You can use a microfiber pad for that simple purpose. Then you leave it to dry for a while before spraying a final coating and the job is done. This is by far the best way to learn how to clean laminate floors. You see, with LamanatorPlus, it’s that easy.

In an hour, you can start walking on your beautiful floor. Bring the furniture back in three hours.

When you use LamanatorPlus, you notice that it gets rid of everything that doesn’t go well with floors: wax, paint, floor polish, factory over sprays and many more. LamanatorPlus will always leave you with a smile. This product has received widespread recognition and popularity, proving it’s efficiency and credibility beyond challenge.

before and after cleaner

AppFolio Property Manager; The Coolest Gadget Real Estate Companies Use

Real estate property management is the administration, operation, control, and oversight of residential, commercial and/or industrial property that is owned by another party. From administering the mls listings and setting up open houses, to the negotiations and all the contracts. From beginning to end, they are on top of every angle to ensure you have a wonderful and smooth experience.

Edmonton real estate pros have been using some very creative software for efficient property management. So we are going to talk about one of them right now.

One of the most interesting, inventive and cool gadgets real estate companies in Edmonton use so as to increase their operational efficiency is a Property Management Software. Most real estate companies such as Yale Management Services, Ernst & Hass Property Management, Howard Management Group and Walters Home Management use an AppFolio Property Manager.


This software is a web-based system with accounting and management capabilities, it is an all in one comprehensive system that serves all the business needs of any real estate company such as accounting, marketing, and also provides an online platform for a number of key processes such as lease applications, applicants screening, lease agreements and rent payment

One of the main features that makes AppFolio Property Manager occupy such a coveted positions not only as the best property management application but also as topping the list of the cool gadgets real estate companies use is the fact that all necessary information concerning any property is stored in one location. Can you imagine! All their Edmonton mls listings, meaning all their clients and all their information, was organized in one little app. The software extremely user friendly and easy to use. Its highly intuitive user interface for instance enables one to quickly post a vacant unit in a number of sites, including all multiple listing services on the internet with just a few clicks. Marketing a vacant unit is equally easy and to top it all this Breakthrough software also provides capabilities of downloading an HTML format that can be easily printed. Being a web based application the property manager can work from anywhere as long as there is access to the internet. This cool software also has capabilities for data migration from other property management packages

This software also offers an online tenant portal that enables the residents the convenience of paying their rents online 27/4. This is made possible by AppFolio Property Manager’s comprehensive payment platform that has several options such as credit card, e-check and electronic cash payment.

water bill

The pricing of this software used by real estate companies in Edmonton is truly amazing. For a just a small monthly fee one is able to access all the above functionality and customer care support. With the monthly fee one is also provided with a free website and an automatic vacancy posting to the Craigslist. AppFolio Property Manager offers product training and support for an unlimited number of users included in the monthly fee.

Where To Buy The Cheapest Used iPhones

Today most people carry mobile phones so that they can be contacted easily wherever they are, and also contact others whenever required. There are a large variety of mobile phones available, with features and quality varying according to price. Though most phone manufacturers have android phones, the operating system is open source and likely to get hacked quickly, hence many users prefer mobile phones with alternate operating systems. Due to the sleek design, easy to use user interface and proprietary operating systems, iPhones have become one of the most popular operating mobile phone brands.


However, compared to other smart phones, iPhones are expensive, costlier than most other smart phones with similar features. Many students, elderly retired persons, and others with a limited income may want to buy an iPhone, but will not have enough funds available to do so. They will have to opt for a used iPhone, which will be significantly cheaper, so that they can get a quality product at a reasonable price.backing up your iphone

Before getting into finding cheap iPhones, you must realize that whether new or used, all owners should know how to back up all their data from their old phone to their new phone. A great resource to use for that is this link:

Aside from knowing how to back all your data up, the next thing to do after getting a new or used phone, is to purchase a screen protector for it. It’s better to be safe than sorry. A screen protector is much easier and cheaper to replace than an iPhone screen itself. There is a new type of screen cover on the market now that is better than the rest. Learn everything about it here:

Now, there are several places both online and offline where a person can buy used iPhones, and each method has its advantages and disadvantages. While the iPhones sold online are more inexpensive, and the buyer can choose from a greater variety of models, there are many risks involved in purchasing online. Unlike new iPhones, where the seller will offer a warranty of at least one year, usually there is no warranty on the quality of the second hand ones available online. While some buyers may get a very good price on an almost new iPhone, other online buyers may not get a good deal, especially if the used one starts malfunctioning a few days after the buyer receives it.

for sale by owner

Another way to purchase a used iPhone will be from an offline store, which sells used electronics including iPhones. Many stores have exchange offers for mobile phones, where users can exchange their old or used mobile phone for a new phone, by paying an additional amount. These stores may offer used mobile phones especially used iPhones to customers who have a limited budget. The used iPhones are refurbished by the store, so that they look like new, but the store may not offer any warranty or a very limited warranty of one week or month after the date of purchase.


Great Tips For Your Cell Phone

How to backup an iPhone using iTunes

The information age has had its fair share of developments. Apple flagship brand iPhone continues to make ripples amongst gizmo lovers. Its sophisticated design is arguably the brands strength amongst other impressive qualities. However, given the versatility and multi-tasking abilities, the phone often has high data and information traffic. This coupled with digital footprints, often leaves users and owners of the phone with the desire to keep vital information at a safe place. The phone itself has information back up abilities; however, given the risk of loss of phone, or mechanical damage, the need to have alternate information back up is always paramount. For more information go to

Back up options

Some of the solutions to this include, manually backing up information in a personal computer. However, this may equally present the same problem of physical damage. This then makes backing up information in servers or clouds the best solution. Unlike the other counterparts, they offer easy access to information backed up regardless of a person’s location, unlike personal computers or phones which have to be physically accessed.

iTunes Back up

One such alternative means of backing up information is by the use of iTunes. Not only can one access their backed up information through the iTunes platform but it is convenient and one need not have hardware to serve as the storage space. Information can be manually backed up using iTunes in user friendly modes.

One doesn’t need to be an IT guru to have the knowledge of how to back up an iPhone using iTunes. Generally, iPhones come with iTunes installed as the key music store and playing mode. In addition to media function, it can double up as storage space for documents, photos, and other file formats.

Step One

There are simple steps on how to back up iPhones using iTunes. The simplest first step is activating or launching the iTunes in the phone. Upon completion of this, the iPhone can be connected to the personal computer using a USB cable. This often brings icons to the computer screen.

Step Two

One is advised to select the iTunes icon on the screen side bar. Usually upon selection, there is a summary tab that pops up on the screen. “Back up now” button is conspicuous in the summary button.

Step Three
Upon completion of this two icons always present themselves, presenting two options depending on whether it is the first back up done or the second time.

Step Four
For a first time back up, often, a tab reading “Back up now” gives the go ahead for backing up. However, for second time backing up; there is the “Restore Back up”. This in itself is an indicator of existing backed up information in iTunes.

A progress bar is always in handy to show the status of the process. Upon completion, it can be safely assumed that all the content is in safe custody in iTunes. This is followed by date update. To get access to the stored information, one can utilise the “preferences” on the iTunes task bar. That’s how easy it is to back up information from your iPhone to iTunes.

You can also check out for even more info on backing up your iPhone.

Top Software To Starting Managing Your Cell Phones

The good thing about the Android OS is that it gives users complete control over the files on their phone memory and SD card. It gets even better when a user’s android phone is rooted. With a good file manager, a user can do almost everything he wants. He can add, delete and replace files without any restrictions. Because of the complete android file software control that android gives to its users, dozens of file managers for android have been created and are currently listed on Google Play. Now, this is created a little bit of difficulty for android users. With so much choice available, it can be hard to choose which one is the best for you. Fortunately, here’s a list of the best file managers for android that are offered in the market today:

1. Inka File Manager
If you are still new to using file managers then Inka may be the right one for you. Unlike most file managers contain confusing features, Inka File Manager focuses on simplicity. It lets you manage regular files and extract compressed files easily.

2. ES File Manager
ES is probably one of the most popular file management programs available for android today. It has a number of features such as an explorer window, favorite folders, media player, media galleries and others. It can also act as a cloud storage area for other platforms such as Dropbox and Google Drive and it lets you transfer files on FTP servers.

3. ASTRO Cloud and File Manager
This is another popular one for android. Taken from its name, it offers local file storage and cloud management functions. This lets you manage files on your SD card and expand your storage reach to cloud storage. The good thing about this app is it lets you browse your files in a full screen for better file visibility. It also has extra tools such as card analyzer, application manager and others.

4. AirDroid
This is probably the most unique among the popular file managers for android. With AirDroid, you won’t have to force yourself to settle with your phone’s small screen when managing your files. It lets you use your desktop PC to manage your files. It connects to your PC through a WIFI network that your PC is connected to. If you are having a hard time viewing small icons and file names on your phone then this one is for you.

5. Solid Explorer
What makes this file manager app unique is that it lets you open two explorer panes at the same time. With this, you can easily drag and drop files for copying and moving. It also supports storage services from Dropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive. While you can use this app for free, you can only use all of its features if you pay for it. Nonetheless, it is still a cool file management app to have.

No matter how good these file managers are your decision will be entirely based on your personal preference. If convenient, you can try all of these apps one at a time you can objectively decide on which one is the best for you.

Eating for Energy Today

Technology is very important in this day and age. But no matter how important it gets, your health should always come before it. Here is a quick article about how to keep yourself healthy so you can play with all the technology you’d like for the next many many years.

When you are able to live a nutritious life, there is so much you turn to gain. Every meal that you eat needs to be a balanced meal and it must also have the best ratio of Proteins, Carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals too. The proportions of these minerals in the meal should differ based on the age groups of individuals and also their health conditions. Eating for energy means eating to stay alive and also healthy and a growing child will always need more protein to grow than the amount an elderly man will need. While a lactating or expectant mother will need very high levels or amounts for these nutrients that those who are not pregnant or lactating.

Below explains the different categories that should be in your balanced meals. Here is also a list of Top Foods For Energy.


Carbohydrates are mostly the main foods that give energy. Carbohydrate foods may include starches that are broken down into very simple sugars known as monosaccharide’s. Some examples or sources of carbohydrates include rice, grains-wheat, oats, maize, barley and so on. You can also count on vegetables such as Irish potatoes and sweet potatoes which can provide you with the carbohydrates you need. Also, yam, cassava and others offer carbohydrates. Whole grains offer complex carbohydrates because they take quite a long time to digest.


Proteins are foods that build the body. They are mainly sourced from animal products like egg, meat and milk. Other vegetables include includes legumes or all kinds of beans.


Vitamins are a high source of antioxidants. So, they are directly involved in getting rid of dangerous radicals in the human body even at the same time making better the body. Regular intake of vitamins helps in boosting the immune systems and also fighting all infections. Some foods in include oranges, apples, and so on.

Fats and Oil

Although eating fats and oil is healthy, they should be eaten in moderation. When the amount of calories or fats in the body is too much, it becomes fat. Eating them in high levels never helps. Animal products such as eggs, meat, and milk are sources of fat.

Want more energy? Check out these Food to Boost Your Energy.

The World Famous Bitcoin Technology That Almost Failed!

bitcoinBitcoin has become such a huge buzzword on the internet now a days.  The digital coin that started off as an idea to replace paper currencies was never really expected to take on such a large role in the shift of the way we think about our current currency systems.

Bitcoin started off 3 years ago and was simply worth hundredths of one cent compared to the USD.  But as more and more people started to see the value of not what bitcoin was worth, but what it meant as a new currency to the world, it’s actual dollar value ballooned to over $1200 in record time.  It even surpassed gold for a little while!  But when it grabbed the worlds attention, it also grabbed the attention of the major financial institutions and the world governments as they reacted in fear that their golden goose, their printed dollar may be ousted by a peer to peer trading network of digital coins!

There were positives and negatives regarding Bitcoin flying all over the news.  The headlines were non stop as this new currency made it’s way to the forefront of almost everyones attention.

Some disregarded it immediately as a way for criminals to conduct online business without using actual money.  A sort of money laundering aid.  Silk Road didn’t help those rumors at all as it became an online hub for illegal selling of illegal substance.

But then there were those who saw the benefits of what Bitcoin could possibly do.  A public ledger of transactions meant we could buy and sell houses, cars, business etc without lawyers or their hefty fees.  We could send money across the globe without getting nailed the exchange fees.  We could transfer money easily and swiftly and avoid banking fees, without borders.  People were catching on!

Then came the computer savvy thieves who were successfully able to steal over $600,000 worth of bitcoins from Mt Gox, the worlds 2nd largest bitcoin exchange, and the value plumetted from it’s $1200 high to half of that just as fast as it had risen.

The public interest in bitcoin turned to how to make money with bitcoin as it’s value started to fluctuate so greatly and opportunity strikes at times like these!

No one really knows what’s going to happen with Bitcoin, but we all know that it’s one of the most exciting new things to happen in the technology world.   A digital currency!

File Manager Software For Android Device

Android phones these days are massive in numbers. So are the apps. The market is filled with gargantuan programmers who bring new, innovative and productive applications that cater the needs of your phone. The support is immense within the android community and it is growing fast from bow to stern. Gone are the days of age old apps with cumbersome interface. One among the important wares that can help the users is the dedicated system related explorers. It not only lets you give access to the contents of the phone but also integration to host of features. Today, let us take a closer look at what are the latest offerings and options we have that pits the best of the ‘Best Android File Managers’ to this day. Shall we?

Following are the two top notch file managers keeping in mind the best overall features.
Note – It would be tiresome and misleading to give top 10 or top 5 reviews of the existing file managers likewise putting the users in a lot of confusion. So here we go.

You can find some amazing File Transfer Apps For Android Phones from that link.

Unfortunately when using iOS, you only have one option

Understanding the Arrested Development TV Show

There are so many sitcoms that are aired on national and private television in America all through the year. There are some sitcoms that do not get to see even one year and are cleared off while others are loved and followed all the way through. The Arrested Development TV Show is simply one of the best television shows that the United States has seen since the year 2003. Arrested Development is an American television sitcom that was created by Mitchell Hurwitz. This sitcom originally was aired on Fox for three seasons from the 2nd of November, 2003 to the 10th of February, 2006. While it was aired, there were so many followers that appreciated the sitcom because of the humor, realism and also unique sense of style and message it had.

As it ended on Fox, its fourth season of 15 episodes was released on the 26th of May, 2013 on Netflix. Netflix which is one of the most popular networks where so many television shows and movies are aired has given new life and audience to the Arrested Development TV show. Arrested Development is filmed mainly in Culver City and Marina Del Rey to give it a very unique and very welcoming feel and also to help depict the true message of the story. The show is about an untrue Bluth family which was formerly very wealthy and normally dysfunctional family. This sitcom is presented in a continuous way coming with the mixture of handheld camera work, narrations, archival pictures and some past pictures.

Arrested Development Episode Guide