Zumo 590LM Motorcycle GPS

Zumo 590 GPSThe Garmin Zumo590 is the type of GPS navigation system that every motorcyclist would want to own because of how it incorporates all sorts of different features. You simply canÕt resist owning one whenever you travel or go on an adventure because of how it can provide so much convenience during your trip.

This GPS device features a Bluetooth capability, 5-inch glove-friendly screen display, ability to run off-road tracks and TOPO maps, and has a rugged waterproof housing so thereÕs no way that you wonÕt feel the urge to buy this one.

The Power of Bluetooth

This GPS device incorporates the Bluetooth technology. Through this, you can freely talk to your phone without having the need of removing your helmet or gloves. All you have to do is connect your Garmin Zumo 590 device to your cell phone plus a Bluetooth headset so that you will be able to receive and make calls. This simply prevents any risks.

Great View of the Road

The 5-inch touch screen display will make the data is easy to read even under the sun. It comes with a dual orientation which means that you can easily position the device either horizontally or vertically. By putting the navigator on a horizontal position, you will be getting a wider view and the vertical one will allow you to see the route ahead. Plus, the high-sensitivity makes it very friendly for your gloves, entering information and intuitive interface.

Music and Media

This navigator includes an MP3 player in it and is compatible with an iPhone, iPod and Pandora. It will allow you to browse through your songs via the touch screen display.

Ready for the Road

It comes with a rugged design that makes the navigator resistant to UV rays, fuel sprays and the harsh weather conditions. This device also underwent drop and vibration tests to ensure that it can withstand any type of terrain that you’ll be traveling to. It is recommended to get a motorcycle GPS mount to go with it!

Lifetime Map UpdatesGarmin Zumo 590

The useful of your device is lifetime guaranteed because it includes free updates of the latest maps. This will ensure that the route youÕll be traveling to is updated and right on point.

Easy Monitor Tire Pressure

The Garmin goes hand-in-hand with the Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor accessory but then it is sold separately. All you have to is attach it to each of your tires and be able to monitor the pressure through the touch screen display.

Ride Smarter

If you have a smart phone then you can easily connect it with your Zumo590. This allows you to monitor the weather and traffic information which will make your travel much more convenient.

Find the Perfect Route

This navigator features Curvy Roads routing that will help you navigate through winding rides. The round trip routing will help you plan your ride according to distance, time or location. All you have to do is input your requirements and let Zumo do the rest.

More Information at a Glance

It will display your current speed, speed limit and time of arrival. You can also see the name of the current street all at a single glance. Also, you will be able to see the places ahead without leaving the map.

Best Way to Clean Laminate Floors

You want your laminate floor to look the part when it comes to beauty, attractiveness and cleanliness, and you want to know how to clean laminate floors. In that case, you need to know just how you can make that happen with less disappointment. At this point, you need to choose a good, popular and most effective cleaning product to ensure the success of your beautification efforts. That kind of product can only be LamanatorPlus, a credible product for cleaning and restoration of laminate, hardwood, cork, vinyl and bamboo floors.

This product is no ordinary product. LamanatorPlus will get your floor looking new and shinning like never before, sometimes more so than a new one. It will hide scratches and any scuffs that make floors look ugly, leaving your floor with a shinny beautiful look that will get your house talked about in parties and neighborhoods.

Working with or using this product is as easy as easy can be. In fact, kids in many neighborhoods have found a hobby in cleaning their home floors with LamanatorPlus. That puts to light one good and indisputable fact: that cleaning with this product is not rocket science. It’s as simple as A B C.

The Technology Behind LamanatorPlus


To get started, you sweep your floor to get rid of any dirt and dust particles. Alternatively, you can choose to use a vacuum cleaner. A Fresh Start cleaner is the first coating you spray on the floor and then mop it up with a scrub. Then you rinse with some water and wait out for the floor to dry. It shouldn’t be long. The Restorer coating goes next. Spray a thin coating as you spread it evenly across your floor. You can use a microfiber pad for that simple purpose. Then you leave it to dry for a while before spraying a final coating and the job is done. This is by far the best way to learn how to clean laminate floors. You see, with LamanatorPlus, it’s that easy.

In an hour, you can start walking on your beautiful floor. Bring the furniture back in three hours.

When you use LamanatorPlus, you notice that it gets rid of everything that doesn’t go well with floors: wax, paint, floor polish, factory over sprays and many more. LamanatorPlus will always leave you with a smile. This product has received widespread recognition and popularity, proving it’s efficiency and credibility beyond challenge.

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