Being At The Forefront Of Electrical Equipment

An electrician relies on a variety of gadgets and tools so as to do their job. There are many measurements and adjustments that the electrician should do while completing their day to day tasks. Thanks to innovators, new gadgets and tools are released every single day and the electrician in Glendale, CA is always equipped with the latest ones. Read on to discover some of the latest gadgets that they utilize.

The ActivArmr electrician’s glove

Journeyman- glove

This is a specially constructed glove that is ideal for use by electricians. The fabric that has been used to make the glove allows for air exchange between its interior and exterior surfaces. This makes it fully breathable. It also hugs the skin and is very flexible. As a result, the electrician in Glendale, CA can fold their fingers and twist their hands comfortably as they work.

The fabric is quite strong. As such, it can protect the electrician from suffering from cuts, abrasion, and burns. A special type of knitting is known as Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) has been used to construct this special glove. Thanks to this design, the electrician can feel like they are holding things with their bare hands but they are well protected by the glove. The ActivArmr glove is the latest type of electrician’s glove available today since it offers up to 10 times more protection than a standard glove.

The Versatile Electrician’s Tool Belt and bag combo


In their line of work, an electrician often has to carry around tools and items that help them to accomplish their jobs. This tool belt is all that they need to carry around the myriad of tools that they require. The belt has some features that make this possible. It has a molded air-channel support system. It also has nine large pockets where the electrician can store various tools of their trade.

The belt has a holster for the hammer as well as a holder for some electrical tape. The belt is made of DuraTek fabric combined with high-density nylon. The back of the belt is contoured so as to protect the electrician at all times. Bar-tack stitches and metallic rivets are used to make it even stronger. It is the latest belt that an electrician can use.

Electricians are highly dependent on gadgets and tools so as to complete their daily tasks successfully. The electrician in Glendale, CA realizes the importance of technology, but safety is critical in the electrical field.  As such, they can work faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the same field.