Best Gadgets For Construction Firms On The Market

There’s no doubting the fact that the hi-tech electronic world is taking over. But, who would’ve thought that it would take over the construction industry? With new gadgets being introduced on a regular basis, and new wearable gadgets for construction workers, there is far more construction workers can do, simply employing the use of these gadgets. These are some of the latest gadgets constructions workers and online construction tools suppliers WWW.CF-T.COM are finding useful in various situations.

1. XOEye technologies –
This allows you to keep a close eye on your workforce while providing feedback on work quality. The “cloud-based” ocular system connects managers to their workforce, via the glasses which are connected to the internet. It allows managers to monitor workers, check in to ensure they are performing their tasks while keeping safety regulations in place. It even allows employees to provide training and guidance to new employees, with this sophisticated wearable device.


2. Halo Light –
construction_worker_walking_in_dark_with_illuminated_hardhatThis is another piece of wearable equipment sold at, and one of the top gadgets in the construction field today. This is a 360-degree personal active safety system for workers to wear in the dark, or hard to see, work sites. It wraps around any hard hat, giving the worker full visibility in any light (or dark) conditions for up to 1/4 mile and batteries last up to 12 hours on a full charge. High visibility neon jackets only work when light is coming towards them; this light is far safer, plus it gives construction workers much greater visibility and clarity, regardless of how dark the work site.

3. Myo + Bridgit (the software) –

The Myo gadget slips onto the worker’s arm, and gestures made by workers will allow them to interact with the interface system. Using a pair of smart glasses (such as Google glasses), this gadget allows employees to communicate with others on a work site, allows them to take photos of a job site, and they can even mark items off a “to-do list,” as they complete tasks on a job site. Workers can also collect data on any job site, to see how far along they have come in a job, or see what changes can be made, in order to complete certain tasks in shorter periods of time.

Technology seems to be taking over every industry, even in industries like construction. Regardless of the size of your company, for construction company owners, these are a few of the latest gadgets that can increase productivity, increase safety, and help workers interact easily on various job sites. Construction Fasteners & Tools Ltd is wear you can purchase these types of items and they also help you find the perfect gear to keep your crew safe.

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