Newest Technology for Insulating Your Home

You may have heard of spray foam insulation but are wondering “what is all the hype about?” This is a new product that has given traditional ways of insulating a run for their money. Many homeowners are switching to this up-and-coming technology, and Spray Foam Insulation Edmonton offers installation for your home needs! Read on for some of the major benefits of of this new technology as opposed to older methods.

There is one major reason that spray foam insulation in Edmonton is proven to be preferable, and that is its efficiency. According to the pros at, up to 40 percent of energy used for temperature regulation in traditionally insulated homes is wasted. Heating and cooling are already huge expenses for homeowners, and the fact that a large portion of that money is wasted is reason enough to consider a switch. The explanation for this discrepancy is quite simple: the materials used for traditional insulation allow for seepage of both air and moisture, driving utility bills higher than needed. Spray foam, however, removes the space where this leakage occurs, keeping air drafts and unwanted moisture out. If you are looking to conserve energy for environmental friendliness or save money for your pocketbook, spray foam insulation will help you to do both!

It is also known to keep its desired shape over time, unlike older materials that “sag”. It will also block moisture related issues like mold.

Everyone at Spray foam insulation Edmonton says that it is becoming a competitive new technology for homes of all kinds. With its many benefits–in particular its efficiency–it is an advantageous, smart consumer choice over conventional methods of insulating. It is definitely worth the switch!

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