The new DIMAC Camera (DIGITAL MODULAR AERIAL CAMERA) is designed to replace film-based aerial cameras, enabling small, medium or large scale mapping. Its modular design fits your real needs,
allowing to combined 1, 2, 3 or 4 camera modules together (true-color and IR) and producing 1, 2, 3 or 4 individual images simultaneously.

A technology with a difference

CCD matrix sensor technology with a 5440 x 4080 Pixel Digital Sensor for each camera module combining up to 4 modules together
• TRUE FMC system allowing sharp and noise-free images
• TRUE COLOR system allowing each pixel to get its own original color directly after the image acquisition
• Acute visibility in shadow (8 or 16 bit/color) allowing high performance under various light conditions
• Modular design enables small, medium or large scale mapping

projects and allows the acquisition of BW, color and IRC imaging simultaneously
• In-flight quality control (exposure, luminosity and contrast) due to immediate acquisition of photos
• Adaptation of Various focal lengths, gives excellent results at low, medium and high flight altitudes
• Upgradeable and interchangeable matrix CCD to follow the evolution of the technology
• Straightforward system, direct implementation in existing digital workflow of orthophoto and photogrammetry

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