Which Tools do Chiropractors use for Diagnosing Their Patients?

Nowadays the alternative therapy is one of the most sought after things that most of the patients are looking for. The best benefit of this kind of therapy is that you can use it as a primary one or an adjunct as well. This is another reason for the growth of the alternative therapies. Amongst all other alternative therapies which are soaking most of the limelight is the chiropractic treatment. The chiropractic treatment is associated with the treatment of the medical disorders caused by the injury or arthritis or any other reasons. chiropractic equipment & diagnostic tools are very frequently used these days.This therapy is all about correcting musculoskeletal misalignment and abnormalities in the back and neck area to give the patients a faster way to get relief from the severe pains. With the help of the proper adjustments of the vertebrae and other joints of the body this therapy can bring relief to the patients easily. The main aim of an Edmonton north end chiropractor is to release the pressures on the nerves and tissues with the help of the adjustment and manipulation of the spine and other joints.


Though this kind of therapy is mostly catered with the help of the manual adjustments but now each and every Edmonton north end chiropractor uses various kinds of tools to provide better services to the patients. Tools are one of the handiest options that can be used in order to diagnose the problem properly and give faster relief to the victims.

Various tools that are used in chiropractic service

Here are brief details of the tools that are found in almost every Edmonton north end chiropractor’s clinic and they are used frequently to give better results to their patients.

  • Traction table: this table is one of the most important and commonly found pieces of chiropractic equipment in every chiropractor’s office. The standard version of the table is used for the manipulation, traction and giving messages to the patients. With the help of this table tractioning becomes much easier. With the help of the traction in chiropractic therapy, the subluxations can be fixed and ease the pain of the joints.
  • Ultrasound machine: though ultrasound is a known technology which is used in the conventional medical field, but it also has several other uses. It is used in the chiropractic therapy as well. The ultrasound therapy is used to increase the range of motion or the elasticity of the connective tissues of the body. This kind of machine can also increase the circulation that brings more oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It helps the tissues to recover from the injuries easily.
  • Cold lasers: due to the injury and other problems like arthritis the normal cellular function can be stopped. With the cold laser machines, this problem can be treated and the normal cellular function can be restored.
  • Electric simulators: electric is the best way to curb the pain. Thus with the help of this machine, the pains can be eradicated from the body.
  • Heat lamps: these lamps are used to give patients a relief from the long-term stiffness and pain in the joints and spine area.

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